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Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan

Wrapping chicken in lettuce and calling it done? Maybe you’ll get fancy and top it with salt. Pffftt, not even close…

The Atkins fat fast meets the zero carb diet in the ultimate stall stopper: three easy days, plus one aggressive technique (with major fat loss.)

If you’ve tried everything else but aren’t seeing the results you expected, then you haven’t tried this plan.

You can download your digital plan immediately, and start making progress eating your very next meal.


Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan

!! Use the promo code KETO and save 30% !!


Reach Deep Ketosis in 3 Days

The Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan is an ultra low carb, modified fat fast designed to induce deep ketosis – in 3 days.

You’ll eat rich, high fat meals each day, and a specific amount of calories, while keeping net carbs as close to zero as possible.


Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan

Workhorse Recipes

The recipes in your plan do all the work. Choose from 150 recipes, all with perfect macros for fat fasting.

100 recipes are super simple, low or no-prep food combinations. These are easy to pack and most travel well outside the home.

Shopping lists, sample menus and a printable meal planner outline 3 to 5 easy days on the plan, including your transition back to a regular low carb or keto diet.

When new recipe collections are added, you’ll get them free by email.


No More Worries

Imagine a world where nervous carb counting doesn’t exist. You’re free to choose from breakfasts, snacks, sauces, main meals and dips … even desserts – every day (all day if you like).

No frustration, just results. We’ve calculated the macros and net carbs for each recipe, so all you have to do is choose your favorites and eat.


Access Your Meal Plan Instantly

Start right now. Start burning more fat eating your next snack.

Take a break from meal planning and drop several pounds in the process. Download your plan with a single click for instant access.



  • How to get the most fat loss from your plan
  • Transitioning back to regular low carb
  • Sample menus, shopping list and printable planner
  • 150 Recipes (indexed by category and net carbs)
  • 100 Meals with 1 net carb or less (the rest have 2-ish)
  • Nutrition info and macros
  • Free revised copies of the meal plan (sent by email)

Stop counting your carbs. Relax and take control of your diet.


Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan

!! Use the promo code KETO and save 30% !!

Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan

Get instant access to your customized, digital file. We’ll also send a backup email with your download link.

Easy: Download the PDF and save it to your computer or device.

When your meal plan is revised and new recipe collections are added, you’ll automatically receive a new copy for free.

Gift options are also available!



Holiday Recipes?

When you buy the Meal Plan eBook, you also get free, future recipe collections! Our latest addition is a collection of Holiday recipes:

Drinks, sauces, spreads, gravy, bread, stuffing, starters, sides, main courses and desserts… with almost no carbs.

Look Inside: Check out what’s on the menu.


What to Expect

If you need to shake up a sluggish metabolism, fit in your old favorite jeans or teach your scale to behave – this plan is your easy answer.


The Almost Zero Plan Works Best When:

  • You are low carb and trying to reach deep ketosis quickly.
  • You’ve reached a stubborn diet stall or plateau.
  • You’re exhausted from battling hormones and gaining weight.
  • You ate off-plan or had a cheat day.
  • You’ve tried adjusting your macros but your scale isn’t moving.
  • You’re fat-adapted or following a low carb/keto diet.
  • You’ve put on extra fat, but prefer more muscle tone and definition.
  • You want to slim down for an upcoming special event.


jello cheesecake cookie recipe

How it Works

The Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan is based on two, tried-and-true ways of eating: the Dr. Atkins fat fast and the zero carb diet.

This meal plan blends the best of both. You’ll achieve phenomenal results – without all the effort. Unlike fat fasts and going totally zero carb, this meal plan is easy to follow and easy to complete.

If you’ve tried everything else but aren’t seeing the results you expected, this meal plan is for you. Just choose your favorite recipes … and eat.



Your Stall-Breaker Secret

It’s very easy to incorporate your Almost Zero meal plan once every month, or only when you need it. It’s that effective!

Your meal plan only lasts 3 days (you won’t need more than that). But if you really want to turn up the fat-burning, it’s acceptable to follow the plan up to 5 days – maximum.

What’s the difference between 3 and 5 days?

Almost double the fat loss.

The choice is yours.


Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan

Fat Loss: What to Expect

If you follow the Almost Zero meal plan for 3 days, expect to lose 6-9 pounds, gaining some of the lost water weight back. If you follow the plan for 5 days, the weight loss could be 8-15 pounds (or more).

Fat loss depends on your current weight and body fat percentage. In general, people with more weight and a higher body fat percentage lose more than those with just a few extra pounds.


No Macro Math

Each recipe already has perfect protein-to-fat ratios. We’ve done all the macro-nutrient calculations for you! Simply choose your favorites or follow one of the sample menus.

It’s very easy to eat only a few net carbs per day without nervously counting or feeling deprived.


Sample Menus

Is the Almost Zero Meal Plan healthy? Absolutely! You’ll get sample menus for low-prep and medium-prep plans, including transition days.

Your plan is filled to the brim with only the healthiest inflammation-lowering fats, proteins, fruit and veggies.

You’ll eat (healthy) bread and waffles with less than 1 net carb per slice. This isn’t sideshow magic. These are authentic whole foods that melt the most stored fat.




Science Backed by Experts

The techniques in your Almost Zero plan have been used successfully by low carbers for decades. The science is solid; the methods work.


Fat Fasting

The Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan recipes use high fat foods with almost no carbs. Limiting daily calories while eating this way is called “fat fasting.” And it works like a dream!

Fat fasting is a well-known technique (backed by authority and experts) used to break diet stalls, avoid plateau, and get into ketosis quickly.



Dr. Robert Atkins

Dr. Atkins was one of the first doctors to recommend and use “fat fasts” for his patients – eating a high percentage of daily fat while dropping carbs and calories.

During a traditional fat fast, meals are at least 90% fat. Dr. Atkins recommended eating an 8-ounce block of cream cheese each day.

Can you imagine that?

Other versions recommend eating only eggs (the egg fast), olive oil, coconut oil, heavy cream and mayonnaise – not very doable or enjoyable.



Jimmy Moore

Jimmy Moore (best-selling author; and website Livin’ la Vida Low Carb) explains when fat fasting works best:

“Most people who start livin’ la vida low carb and do it by the book have no trouble losing weight, especially if they have a lot to lose. But there is a small percentage of people who, no matter how hard they try to keep their carbs down to 20g, the scale simply refuses to move – even one pound. This can be very frustrating.

If you are in that situation, then I’ve got some good news for you. There is something you can do as a temporary measure for just a few days to get your body into fat-burning mode: The Fat Fast!”

This is an extreme diet plan intended only to get your body to start burning fat and is not meant to be done for more than a few days at the very most. It is ONLY for stalls, plateau, or the metabolically resistant.

Dr. Robert Atkins often used this method in his personal practice with patients to help those few people who can’t seem to get their low carb lifestyle going because it works extremely well.”



Dana Carpender

Dana Carpender (best-selling author; and website CarbSmart) speaks highly of fat fasting, using it in her monthly routine as a low carb reset of sorts, keeping her body guessing.

Dana describes the purpose of limiting calories, then eating high fat and almost zero carb for a few days:

“Fat fasting is a way to overcome metabolic resistance to weight loss or to break a stall. If I don’t like what the scale says I’ll cut back for a day or two, eating virtually no carbs.

The fat fast catapults you into deep ketosis, with its triple benefit of appetite suppression, metabolic advantage, and protection of muscle mass. Once you’re in deep ketosis, the calorie restriction forces your body to turn to its liberated fat stores for fuel.”



Fat Fasts & Zero Carb

Traditional fat fasts are successful. The results are backed up by low carbers across the globe. But they are also tough to complete – lessening your chance of success.

Fat fasters report feeling hungry, bored and deprived – although they love the rapid fat loss. Their most popular complaints:


Too Low Calorie

Most fat fasts are very low in calories (1000 total daily calories during the fast), low in protein, and require you to eat very high amounts of fat (90% and up).


Impossibly Monotonous

Strict zero carb diets based on animal products are nutritionally solid, but very tough to stick to long-term. Should you eat so much protein?

Of course, there’s the oxymoron: If you’re eating eggs, cheese and heavy cream, you’re not really eating a “zero carb” diet.

Both fat fasts and zero carb diets are notoriously boring, unless you like chomping on bars of cream cheese or eating eggs for days.


bacon wrapped asparagus no carb recipe

Go Almost Zero Instead

On the Almost Zero Carb plan, you’ll eat a larger variety of foods more often, keeping you fuller longer and avoiding the usual boredom issues.

We’re keeping the fat a bit lower than the typical, 90-100% fat fast. We’re also adding back a little more protein (this means more muscle mass is retained during the plan).

We’re incorporating more food and recipe options, and finally – we’re raising the calories by 10-15%.



Stay Beefy

You’ll keep more muscle mass while you’re on this plan. You’ll also eat slightly higher calories (more meals).

This Almost Zero plan is slightly lower in fat, freeing up more calories for protein. You won’t be eating sticks of butter, or bar after bar of cream cheese covered in powdered Jello (although it’s oddly delicious and satisfying).


keto chocolate mousse

No More Yawning

This meal plan is very close to (but not quite) zero carb so you can broaden your options immensely. Having more options greatly increases your chances of completing the plan.


Go Almost Zero

Free yourself from that diet stall or plateau. Reach deep ketosis over your weekend. Recover from your accidental cheat day.

Fit in those jeans again.

Your plan does all these things (easily). In three days.


Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan

!! Use the promo code KETO and save 30% !!

Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan

Get instant access to your customized, digital file. We’ll also send a backup email with your download link.

Easy: Download the PDF and save it to your computer or device.

When your meal plan is revised and new recipe collections are added, you’ll automatically receive a new copy for free.


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Help someone special discover keto. You can make a positive difference – just by sharing your find.

Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan