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Low Carb Kitchen: Quick Start Guide

Inside view and cover of free download PDF Stock a Low Carb Kitchen Quick Start Guide.

14 Page eBook  Build a solid strategy for stocking your low carb kitchen FAST. (3 MB .pdf)

  • How to overhaul your pantry and fridge.
  • Grocery store tips and strategy, aisle-by-aisle.
  • Complete Atkins Food List

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Low Carb Fruits & Veggies Atkins List

Low Carbohydrate Fruit and Vegetable Atkins List to Print. Free Download PDF.

1 Page  Need a FREE low carbohydrate fruit and veggie list? Here are 65 low carb fruits and veggies in one quick list.

Download this gorgeous Low Carbohydrate Atkins List to print or save.  (10.5″ x 8″, 1 MB .pdf)

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Low Carb Vice: Coffee, Chocolate & Alcohol

Low Carb Vice Coffee Chocolate Alcohol eBook cover art.Low Carb Vice Coffee Chocolate Alcohol inside view.

30 Page eBook  Finally! Permission to enjoy coffee, chocolate and alcohol low carb style. Stay within these guidelines and you won’t blow your diet. (14 MB .pdf)

  • Should you kick the coffee habit?
  • Learn how to lose weight with The Chocolate Rules.
  • Adding alcohol to your low carb diet.
  • 4 Atkins “Carbs in Alcohol” Quick Lists
  • 27 Low Carb Beers: Taste Test & Comparison Chart

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Low Carb to Go: Trips, Travel, Vacations

Inside view of Low Carb to Go eBook, free PDF download.

13 Page eBook  When you’re on a low carbohydrate diet, having a plan for low carb traveling is an absolute MUST. Using no-hassle prep and a little inspiration, your journey will be a success.  (7″ x 9.5″, 1.4 MB .pdf)

  • Pack and eat unique, low carbohydrate foods on the go.
  • Easy plan: A fast solution with 5 alternatives solves your problem for good.
  • Exotic, packable low carbohydrate veggies, low carb Bento, nut butters, dried organics.
  • Introduce your low carb diet to friends and family gracefully, and avoid offensive situations.

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Carbs in 100 Fruits & Vegetables Big List

Inside view of Download PDF Carbs in 100 Fruits and Vegetables Big List4 Pages  Complete comparison chart of carbs, protein, fat and calories in 100 fruits, vegetables and berries. The carb counts listed are net carbs. Fiber gram counts are removed.

This extensive list is also featured in the post “65 Low Carb Fruits and Veggies Atkins List.” (8.5″ x 11″, 2 MB .pdf)

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Exotic Low Carb Fruits & Vegetables

Cover and Inside view Exotic Low Carb Fruits and Vegetables.

22 Page eBook Radically shake up your old, boring go-to veggies. At 2-12 Net Carbs per serving, these exotics are an easy low carb diet fit. (9 MB .pdf)

  • 8 Exotic Low Carb Fruits and Vegetables
  • Nutrition Information
  • How to Use Exotics in Your Low Carb Diet

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250 Beers from A-Z Comparison Chart

Inside view and cover of 250 Beers A to Z, carbs calories and alcohol.

11 Page eBook  Compare alcohol %, calories and carbs in over 250 import and domestic beers. Which beers are worth trying? Get the results of our 27 low carb beers taste test.

These lists make it easy to find a low carb beer that tastes great and fits into your low “net carbs” plan. (4 MB .pdf)

  • 250 Beers A-Z Comparison List (carbs, calories, alcohol %)
  • 27 Low Carb Beers: Taste Test & Comparison Chart

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Risky Interplay of Diet, Carbohydrates & Sex

Low Carb Libido- Diet, Carbohydrates, Sex Drive

25 Page eBook  Low carb super foods jack up performance, stamina and sex drive. Review of 2 new “sexercise” workouts. (9.5 MB .pdf)

  • Sex for low carb beginners and seasoned diet pros.
  • Influence of carbs on performance, stamina and sex drive.
  • Using low carb Super Libido Foods for better sex.
  • Sexercise: 50 Shades of Grey Workout vs. The Ultimate Sex Diet.

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Low Carb Spices: 8 Must-Have Weight Loss Flavors

Low Carb eBook cover Weight Loss Spices.Low Carb Weight Loss Herb Spice  Download inside view.

16 Page eBook  Certain herbs and spices regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol and radically speed up weight loss. Are you eating the right ones?  (6 MB .pdf)

  • 60 Spice & Herb A-Z Comparison List (carbs & calories)
  • 8 Must-have spices that maximize your weight loss.

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65 Low Carb Fruits & Veggies, Kitchen Prep Secrets

Inside view and cover of Low Carb Fruits Veggies List and Kitchen Prep Secrets.

19 Page eBook  10 Secrets of FAST kitchen-to-table veggies. Cut low carb prep time and learn how to guess carbs without a list. (6 MB .pdf)

  • 65 Low Carb Fruits, Vegetables and Berries Atkins List.
  • 100 Fruit and Vegetable nutrition chart.

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Planning a Low Carb Cheat Day

Inside view and cover of Planning a Low Carb Cheat Day PDF eBook Download.

13 Page eBook  Plan your cheat day the RIGHT way for a low carb diet. How to enjoy forbidden foods, maximize fat loss, boost your metabolism and lose more weight. (4 MB .pdf)

  • What to do before and after your cheat day.
  • Simple Low Carb Science: How cheating helps weight loss.
  • When to cheat on your diet, arguments for and against, benefits and cautions.
  • Confessing your high carb slip.

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Low Carb Kids: Bento Design Ideas Photo Book

Kids Low Carb Bento Design Ideas Photo eBook Cover

20 Page Photo eBook  Unique design ideas for children’s Bento lunch boxes.

These are the photos used in the video: Rebuilding Bento: Kid’s Bento Box Lunch Ideas and featured in the Bento Visual Journal. (4 MB .pdf)

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Low Carb Grocery Store Food List

Download the Low Carb Grocery Foods List PDF

1 Page  Simple, yet comprehensive Atkins low carb foods list to print out and take to the grocery store.

Includes grocery store low carb shopping tips, an Atkins-approved Fast-Start Low Carb Basics list and plenty of room to add your own items at the bottom.

This Grocery Foods List nicely complements the low carb kitchen stock and set-up post. (8″ x 10″, 1 MB .pdf)


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