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End Fatigue Naturally with Ketosis

Needing less sleep, having a clearer mind and being in a better mood have one thing in common: these are benefits of ketosis – and they happen fast.

  • How ketosis energizes
  • When keto clears the brain fog
  • Why good moods happen on keto



On a low carb diet, the body is in a state of ketosis, using fat for energy. Keto foods are extremely energizing.

A main benefit of ketosis is lower insulin levels. Tiredness disappears and energy increases.

Is Food Making You Tired?

Low carb diets end fatigue simply because they are low in sugar. It’s that easy. Toss the sugar / starch, and toss the naps.

Traditional diets are centered around sugary, starchy carbs. These carbs increase and spike insulin levels, resulting in high blood sugar.

A rapid rise in insulin causes sluggishness and increases lethargy. The rise in insulin is why we feel tired after a carb-filled meal or have ‘afternoon slumps.’


Overhead view of a double bed with white sheets pulled back, and only one pillow. Why? Because you are on a low carb diet and don't need to sleep as much to have energy.

Energy Changes Happen Fast

By the end of the first week of your new diet plan, you should start to reap the rewards of low carb eating.

Many people begin to experience increased energy, better mental concentration, less compulsive eating and few or no carb cravings.

Of course, everyone’s experience is variable, and it takes longer with some than others.


Goodbye Brain Fog

Many people begin to experience better mental concentration, less compulsive eating, and few or no carb cravings. Some experience it as a “fog lifting” that they didn’t even know was there.

Low carb dieters often report elevated moods, heightened feelings of alertness and less of a need for sleep.

Believe it or not, glucose (found in carbs) is not the preferred fuel source for the brain and body. The body and brain run most efficiently on fat.

After a few days of severely decreasing or banishing carbohydrates from the diet, most ketogenic eaters report improved moods and a sudden increase in energy to the point where they are bouncing off the walls.


Hello Perma Grin

In a traditional American diet, we constantly subject our body to high levels of carbohydrates.

The problem is, carbohydrates are not very efficient or clean-burning.

You can compare it to a car:

Would you want to put the lowest grade octane in the tank when it calls for the higher grade? What would happen? Terrible gas mileage, pinging, dirty valves… and soon the available power would slow down.

It is the same way with your body. When we eat a diet centered around carbohydrates, we experience raises in insulin levels.

A rapid rise in insulin causes sluggishness and increased tiredness. Low carb diets lower insulin levels, banish tiredness and increase our energy levels.

All of this is possible by simply avoiding high glycemic index foods like carbs and sugars, and concentrating on eating fats and proteins.


Intolerance Relief

If you are someone who is sensitive to carbs or gluten intolerant, there’s even more good news. You’ll experience even more benefits.

  • Your intestines will absorb more nutrients from your food.
  • Skin, hair, nails and energy levels improve week after week.

Eat a balance of protein and high fat foods while avoiding the high carb choices, and you’re well on your way.

Congratulate yourself for taking the first steps of eating for positive change!


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