Low Carb Kids: Fun Felt Fruits and Veggies

Healthy Kids vegetables felt peas.

Stand out from the crowd with a children’s felt veggie project.

Create your own realistic felt fruit and vegetables with a kit, or find them ready-made.

Adorable, felt vegetables are an inexpensive but novel way to impact your child’s view of healthy low carb eating.

Low Carb Felt Veggie Crafts

Boxed felt vegetable kit with a felt carrot, tomato and pea pod resting on the lid. A natural woven basket of felt vegetables from IKEA.

Younger children will adore these soft, plush “toys” while learning about healthier, low carb vegetable choices.

Older children can make their own felt fruits and veggies from cut-out felt kits or patterns.


Play Felt Fruits and Vegetables

Kids healthy art project: Felt pocket pit ingredients..

Healthy Gourmet Pita Pocket Lunch

Playing with felt food is a fun lesson in healthy eating. Fill these felt pita pockets with vibrant lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, carrots and cheese slices.

Kids healthy art project: Felt pocket pita.

There are enough materials to make two tasty, healthy play food lunches.

(non-toxic, child safe) Check online for the latest felt pita price.


Play Food: Soft Summer Salad

Encourage healthy food choices through play! This soft set includes you need to make a great pretend salad:

Play felt food children's salad..

Salad bowl & 17 felt fruit and vegetable ingredients: greens, olive slices, mushrooms, onion rings and tomato slices.

Sold very inexpensively on Amazon, check for the latest summer felt salad price.


Fresh Felt Vegetables Play Set

A beautifully finished, 14-piece complete felt vegetable set grouped in a natural fiber style basket.

Healthy kids food activity: Felt vegetables basket.

Machine-washable vegetables include lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mushroom, corn and carrots.

The felt vegetables offered sometimes change, so check for lowest priced felt veggie basket online.


Play Felt Fruit Basket

Healthy kids food activity: Felt fruits basket.

9 tightly stitched soft fruit pieces encourage healthy role play.

Felt fruit includes: orange slices, kiwi, green apples, banana, grapes and watermelon.

The felt fruits offered do change, so check online for latest felt fruit varieties and prices.


Play Felt Food Fruit and Vegetable Puppet Set

Healthy kids food activity: Low Carb Vegetable finger puppets.

Keep Little Hands Busy

Teach your children the importance of eating low carb fruits and vegetables by sharing the delicious food group stories of Gertie Grape, Patty Pea Pod, Barry Banana, Curly Carrot and Tommy Tomato, found on the NeatSolutions website.

Healthy kids food activity: Low Carb Vegetable finger puppets packaging.

  • The basic play food set includes 5 puppets, instructions and ideas for using puppets, 13 pages of reproducible resource material including coloring and word search handouts, and general nutrition information.
  • The deluxe set includes 10 puppets, adding Wendy Wheatbread, Billy Broccoli, Ollie Orange, Mindy Milk and Polly Peanut.
  • Soft puppet faces are big enough to fit adult hands with embroidered features for added safety.


Felt Vegetable Finger Puppet Project

This low carb children’s project is a perfect educational tool for the home or classroom.

  • Making pretend vegetables is a fresh creative project for show and tell at school.
  • At home, construct delicious-looking bundles with your child while talking about healthy foods and the benefits of your low carb diet.

Felt Vegetable Pattern

Click the pattern below to print or save it on your computer.

The pattern is high resolution (2000 x 1340 px), and may be printed large enough to fit on an adult head. Yes, they even make cute hats!


Play felt pattern vegetable finger puppets for children: carrot onion broccoli.
NOTE: When printed at 100%, this pattern is 8 inches wide. Enlarge up to 400%.


Low Carb Life Lessons

Ready to Grow Low Carb?

It’s an incredible thing to get your kids involved in gardening and planting, even at very young ages.Here are a few creative ideas:

  • “Plant” your felt veggies in a garden and talk about all the delicious low carb meals you can make with them.
  • Plan a special trip to the grocery store to buy the real vegetables. Later, make dinner together the low carb way.

A child's vegetable garden constructed with felt vegetables and plants.


Felt Veggie Inspiration:


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