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Use Low Carb to Change Your Life

Low carb diets change your life in incredible ways. The benefits of low carb and keto are the main reasons we keep avoiding sugar and make healthier food choices.

  • Lose stored and visceral fat rapidly
  • Live longer, look younger and feel great
  • Sleep less, have more energy
  • Fight disease


Low carb diets are different for everyone. The range of carbs eaten per day is flexible. If you eat very low amounts of carbs (usually around 5%) your metabolism changes.


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Very low carb diets place your body into a fat-burning state of ketosis, or “keto” for short. Low carbers are always talking about keto. So what’s the big deal?


Low Carb and Keto

Reaching the state of ketosis (even for a short time) has outstanding benefits.

Our bodies have gotten very lazy on high carbohydrate diets. Low carb, ketogenic diets dramatically increase our body’s ability to use fat almost exclusively for fuel.

In this metabolic state, you will finally start breaking down that hard-to-lose stored body fat to fuel normal, everyday functions.


Burn Your Stored Fat

Low carb dieters have special metabolic advantages that increase fat loss. Low carbers are in a state of ketosis. When carbs are low, the body uses fat for fuel (a ketogenic state).

Why Keto Burns Fat

Ketosis greatly increases fat burning potential. On a low carb diet, you must use fat for energy. This includes stored body fat and deeper visceral fat around the organs.

If you are eating low carb, most of your daily calories will come from fat and protein.

Even though you are eating high fat foods, your body will use that fat for energy instead of storing it.


Keep Your Muscle

Eating low carb changes the way your muscles react to exercise. Because your body burns fat for energy, it does not have to use protein stores in the muscles.

Using the correct food ratio, low carbers experience a “protein sparing” effect. You are able to build and keep more lean muscle on low carb than on any other diet.


Curb Hunger

Within the first few days of starting a low carb diet, a miraculous thing happens: suddenly, you aren’t hungry unless it’s your regular meal time.

Even if you are cutting your calories, low carb foods motivate and fight hunger naturally by keeping you full and satisfied for longer period.


More Energy with Less Sleep

Changes in mood and energy happen quickly with low carb eating. Many dieters experience an increase in stamina, concentration and clarity.

This mental sharpness is a side effect of limiting carbs on your diet. Low carbers need less sleep and are more energetic during the day


Control Insulin, Prevent Disease, Live Longer

Preventing disease means living longer. Your low carb diet stabilizes insulin levels and blood sugar naturally.

Fats and proteins are low glycemic foods and do not cause rapid spikes in blood sugar levels, so your insulin releases in a stable, steady way.

Controlling insulin levels lowers your risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.


Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan

The Almost Zero meal plan is three easy days, one aggressive technique, and major fat loss.

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This meal plan is designed to break even the worst stall and burn off large amounts of stored fat – in 3 days.

  • The Technique
  • 150 Recipes (100 under 1 net carb)
  • Sample Menus, Shopping List
  • Printable Planner

If what you’re doing isn’t working, get your meal plan now.


Keep Calm and Low Carb

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