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50 Shades Workout Sex Diet Review

Libido diets are a hot new trend for weight loss. But before you go primal and club someone into a cave, take a look at the promises, the research and the unexpected side effects.

  • The Ultimate Sex Diet eating and workout plan
  • Author interview, the positions and sexercise
  • The 50 Shades Workout for men and women

Sex for weight loss sounds ridiculous at first. But two new sources point to success: The 50 Shades of Grey Workout and The Ultimate Sex Diet promise more bang for your health – and they work perfectly with low carb diets.

Are these diets serious? – or just capitalizing on the “sex sells” marketing method. Sex burns calories (170-200 every half hour), helping increase weight loss.

But these diets have an interesting and motivating twist: They are much more stimulating (and fun) than your neighborhood gym.


The Ultimate Sex Diet

The Premise

The Ultimate Sex Diet prescribes sexual activity to shed unwanted pounds. It’s simple: have more sex with your partner and lose weight.

The diet recommends having sex with your partner three to five times during the week, and at least once on the weekend.


The Eating Plan

  • Bread and pasta are the only really limited food items, making this sex diet a good fit for a low carb diet.
  • Enjoy your food. Eat calmly in an inviting atmosphere. Chew slowly and lick your lips after each bite. To get the most from every bite, Kerry says, “You should make love to your food as if it were your first time.” Control your portions and eat just enough to feel satisfied.


The Exercise Plan

  • The workout part of The Ultimate Sex Diet consists of a series of sexual exercises the author nicknames “Sexercising.” The sexy exercises also double as athletic foreplay.
  • The Sexercising workouts promote additional bonding between you and your partner, as well as strengthen the key muscles necessary for increased sexual activity.
  • The names of some of the exercises are funny-sexy: Elvis Pelvis, Crunchy Kiss, Love Squat, Sexy Breath and the See-Saw.


The Author

Kerry McCloskey is not an expert in diet or nutrition.

However, she cites many research studies saying those who engage in plenty of sexual activity experience benefits like a healthy heart and immune system, less depression and an increase in weight loss.


The Interview

The Ultimate Sex Diet incorporates a lot of sex, using it as a tool to help you lose weight. The plan also includes techniques for igniting desire and boosting your sexual confidence.

While the author is not an educated expert in this field, she presents a lot of scientific evidence to back up her claims.


How Much Sex is Too Much Sex?

Q: My husband bought your book for me/us about a month ago, and I want to thank you so much because it works!

We both lost a few pounds, but most importantly to me, is that I feel like we’re on our honeymoon again.

Is it unhealthy to have too much sex? We’ve been making love about twice a day, is that ok?


McCloskey: I think it’s wonderful and I think twice a day is well above the norm, but I think it’s a great thing.

As long as no one’s getting hurt I would encourage you to continue and have fun.

I’m sure that in addition to your increased intimacy you’re enjoying the health benefits, as well.

You’ve probably noticed an elevation in your mood and you’re probably feeling less stressed and sleeping better, as well.

Thank you for purchasing the book, I’m glad you enjoyed it.


The Positions

Q: Does The Ultimate Sex Diet discuss the best positions to use to maximize calories burned during lovemaking?

McCloskey: Yes, it does discuss some positions that can be used to specifically target and tone areas of the body. Some require more flexibility than others, so you may need to work up to them.

Additionally, the book includes exercises that can be used as a form of foreplay that are not sex.

These are exercises you can do in the bedroom with your partner where you’re using each other almost as if you’re specialized gym equipment.

So, in a sense, your partner serves as your personal trainer.



Q: You talk about floor play “sexercises.” Could you describe them?

McCloskey: Sure. I’ll describe a couple of these exercises.


Chest Press

There is one called the Chest Press, where literally one person is lying on the floor and first one partner does pushups and they can give each other little kisses in between while the one person is working their arm muscles.

Then they can switch and the person on the bottom uses the person on the top as a weight and works their arm muscles.


Libido Lifter

Another one that is fun to do is one called the Libido Lifter, where both partners lie on the floor facing the same direction and lift their top leg together.

These exercises may sound silly but they actually work. They are fun and nothing gets you in the mood more than laughing and having fun.



Sex diet for weight loss red heart on lips.

50 Shades of Grey Workout

Kristen James, a fitness expert in Manhattan perfected a 50 Shades of Grey workout routine.

The bedroom benefits of being a healthy, physically fit adult are undeniable, but is there a method behind this workout?


The Workout

Most of us have never thought of any physical training for sex other than the ‘recommended’ Kegel exercises to help bedroom performance.

Specifically, the workouts build core strength and eliminate belly fat by increasing cardio workouts in both duration and intensity.

But the moves and areas of focus are different for men and women.


The Workout for Men

In order to make sure that your “plumbing” works well into your later years, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are essential for the livelihood of the family jewels. The greatest health risk for men in the bedroom is having too much excess weight. As you get older, excess weight dampens performance.

Increasing cardio translates into more stamina and performance. Most of the moves in the bedroom come from the core. To remain strong and flexible, add core and strength training workouts to your routine.


The Workout for Women

The 50 Shades workout for women boosts self-confidence and self-sexiness. There are some specific principles you can follow that translate into benefits in the bedroom.

Focus on your cardiovascular endurance (for stamina), flexibility (for trying new positions) and specific core/muscle toning to have more satisfying orgasms.

Working towards these goals is very rewarding as you see pounds come off, muscles tone up, and exciting things happen after dark!


Sex Diet: The Verdict

These workouts burn calories and increase results. They also come with a few unexpected side effects:

  • Eating food in a sensual way increases sexual awareness and an overall interest in sex.
  • When bonds between partners strengthen and a good support system exists, staying motivated on any diet is easier.


Workouts Designed for Sex

Are these sex workouts really designed for better sex?

Yes! Some workouts like core exercises or long-endurance training are better than others, but every workout that you do is going to have some benefit for bedroom antics.

The methods outlined in The Ultimate Sex Diet and The 50 Shades Workout are not revolutionary or new. It’s obvious as you get in better shape, so does your sex life.


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50 Shades Workout Sex Diet Review

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