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About Us

Plastic toy men and women workers use gardening tools to excavate giant peas from a real pod.

Do Diets Have to Be Boring?

In the beginning, you are golden. You’re looking great, full of energy, rarely hungry or tired, shopping sizes you haven’t seen in years.

You tell everyone you know how fabulous you feel. (I know I did.)


It Starts

You realize to keep these benefits, you will need to change your way of eating forever. This is a challenge.

I started eating low carb in my early 40s, so I had decades of poor eating habits to reconsider. Take it one recipe at a time.


You’re Determined

You will succeed. You love yourself and you deserve to be healthy.

You remake all your old favorites, low carb style. You try chicken 20 different ways. You use the same grocery list over and over.


Panic Sets In

One morning, as you approach the breakfast table, you think to yourself, “If I have to eat another egg, I will throw myself down a flight of stairs.” And you almost mean it.

During lunch, you glance over at the coffee table. You see books titled “Eat, Pray, Bacon” and “Cream Cheese 1000 Ways.”

Are you getting bored with your diet?

You crawl the web, searching for something different. Something that will make low carb easier. Something motivating.



I’m Ann Moore, the Editor of Low Carbe Diem. Our mission is to illustrate how creative (and easy) healthy eating can be.

Me, Ann Marie, the Editor at Low Carbe Diem dot com.

Low carb is a style of eating. Low carb meals are richer, more flavorful and more colorful.

That’s exactly what you’ll find at Low Carbe Diem – a tasty boost for low carb and tons of low carb eBooks and freebies.


Editorial Policy

We strive to write accurate, reliable, credible, engaging and balanced information.

Our editorial content is produced independently and isn’t influenced by any advertisers or commercial supporters.


Inside Low Carbe Diem

We’ll give you smart and realistic solutions to your everyday dieting challenges.

By combining simple low carb science with inspiring and creative ideas, we strive to make your low carb diet much more interesting, and much more fun.


Exercise and Keto

Exercise and weight loss tailored for low carb diets. Fitness and workout routines, strategies to maximize fat loss, simple low carb science and ketosis information.


Food Ideas and Recipes

Amp up your palate with inventive low carb foods. Eat low carb on the go and dine out at restaurants with ease.

Atkins-approved carbohydrate lists, diet recipes, meal plans and nutrition information.



Special issues: Low carb for children, the low carb diet and relationships, sex and your diet, how to deal with friends and family gracefully.


eBooks and Food Lists

Download gorgeous low carb diet eBooks and Atkins food lists. Information, strategy and creative low carb style ideas for mind, body and plate.


Seize the Way

More and more people are staying away from sugar, and inventing new ways to keep their plate interesting.

Our readers come up with great ideas. Do you have one you’d like to share? Or a suggestion for content? Use our simple contact form.

We value your opinions, and we respect your privacy.

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