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Keto and Your Libido

Heard about sex and carbs? Low carbers rarely talk about it.

There’s a special interplay of carbs, dieting and sex. Carbs have a dramatic effect on your sex drive and your performance.

If you plan it right, you’ll get more stimulation from every bite.

  • How low carb affects your libido
  • Sex for new low carbers and low carb pros
  • The sugar-sex connection, causes and solutions



What to Expect

On a low carb diet, expect to see an impact on your sex life. A noticeable increase in sex drive is seldom mentioned about low carb diets – but it happens!

Low carb diets enhance satisfaction, pleasure, excitement and stimulation. Powerful effects. But these effects are very different for new low carbers and long term low carbers.


Low Carb and Libido

On a low carb diet, your libido is affected in four basic ways: satisfaction, pleasure, stimulation and addiction.


Life Satisfaction

Researchers have found couples show increased sexual activity when they’re taking part in a more satisfying experiences.

Eating low carb means eating higher amounts of fat: very satisfying.

Trying new foods and recipes, becoming healthy and losing weight rapidly on a low carb diet: very, very satisfying.

Don’t forget the full permission to enjoy bacon…



Doctors and specialists have also noticed that decreasing an overindulgence in one area leads to a temporary overindulgence in another.

For example, many patients formerly addicted to mood-enhancing substances suddenly commit to fitness programs (the endorphin increase from exercise).

Newly ex-smokers may overindulge by eating more food.


sex and carbohydrates for low carb diet pros tomato with horny appendages.

Pleasure Seeking

What do people say about limiting carbohydrates and sex drive? For whatever reason, I’ve heard many low carb dieters admit their libido “has gone through the roof.”

It makes sense. Low carb diets amp up your mood and so does orgasm.


Excitement and Stimulation

Like sex, low carb diets are stimulating. Eating the right amount of carbs creates incredible energy.

Adding exercise or more activity to our daily routine creates more enthusiasm for life.

Enthusiasm leads to excitement, so you are naturally stimulating the urge for greater sexual activity.


Forbidden fruit of carbohydrates and sex. Grap on two forks.

Sex for New Low Carbers

Do you seem to get low blood sugar after having sex?

This could be caused by sheer orgasmic pleasure, your partner’s stallion technique or thoughts of bacon.

But most likely, the feeling is caused by low blood sugar.

Sex is exercise, like aerobics, and can bring on low blood sugar.


Solve the Problem

Try a snack before or after sex to cover the glucose you use. Limit the total amount of carbs eaten to no more than nine grams per hour. The idea is to replace the glucose, not spike insulin.

Incorporate a few fizzy or chocolate covered no-nos into the adventure.

There are probably low carb foods that increase sex drive in your kitchen right now.


Sex for Low Carb Pros

What is sex like when you’re a low carb pro? Some benefits are obvious, but some of the dangers may surprise you.


Shedding Pounds and Inhibitions

When you lose weight, you feel better physically and emotionally. You have a new body and are less inhibited.

You want to show off your hard work. You’re lighter, more energetic and ready for new experiences.



Meeting a weight loss or dietary goal gives a sense of accomplishment.

You’ve worked hard and are proud to see your results.



It may surprise you to know happiness can show up in the form of improved sexual performance.

You’re cutting carbs and sex has never been better.

Excitement about your results and achievements causes an even stronger drive for enjoying life- and ultimately the love-making in it.


The Sugar – Sex Connection

If you or your partner are overloading on sugary foods and quickie carbs, prepare to lose interest in the bedroom.

The Cause

Eating too much sugar affects the testosterone and estrogen levels in the body.

Damage from all those sweets and simple carbs reaches far deeper than hip fat, recent research reveals.

An eye-opening study published recently in the Journal of Clinical Investigation determines sugar overloading shuts off a gene that helps control estrogen and testosterone levels, zapping your sex drive.


Sugary Carbs = Haywire Hormones

What happens when you eat too much sugar or refined carbohydrates?

Brace yourself, this topic is science-heavy.

Researchers have discovered that eating too much of both fructose and glucose turns off the gene that controls the levels of testosterone and estrogen working inside the body.

The Cause

Both glucose and fructose are processed and turned into energy in the liver. If too much sugar is consumed, then the liver converts the sugar into fats. The researchers learned that when fat is produced in excess, it turns off the SHBG gene, the “sex hormone binding globulin” gene.

The SHBG gene produces a protein that binds to the sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen and carries them into the bloodstream.

Only the hormones that are free and unattached to the protein can enter cells and be active.

So, if the SHBG gene is shut down and is not releasing any SHBG protein, then unregulated amounts of estrogen and testosterone are released throughout the body.


When Hormones are Too Low

The SHBG protein controls your testosterone and estrogen levels, so when your sugar intake increases, you’re sending your sex hormones into an unpredictable tail-spin.

The Cause

Age, gender, physical condition, diet and environmental circumstances decide what the effect will be at the time.

When your testosterone or estrogen levels drop, your sex drive also hits the floor.

You are fatigued, technically a little fatter and in no mood for sex. Carbohydrates are the culprit. The sugary carbohydrates.


When Hormones are Too High

Dr. Geoffrey Hammond, Scientific Director of the Child and Family Research Institute and Professor at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology researches the effects of too much testosterone or estrogen.

According to Dr. Hammond, if too much estrogen and testosterone are circulating in your body, you’re opening yourself up for a host of problems.

Producing too much testosterone and estrogen increases your chances of acne, infertility, poly cystic ovary syndrome, uterine cancer and heart disease.

Read about this carbohydrates and sex research study, “Too Much Sugar Turns Off Gene that Controls the Effects of Sex Steroids” from the Child & Family Research Institute, Canada.


How Carbs Change Performance

Carbohydrates change your sex drive and your physical ability to perform.

Changing what you eat does improve sexual difficulties, but it’s possible for some problems to linger.


High Blood Sugar

Sometimes, physical problems related to your old way of eating interfere with your sexual function.

Chronic high blood sugar from your old way of eating contributes to neuropathy (nerve damage) and impaired blood circulation, both of which lead to a decrease or delay in erections, lubrication, genital sensation and orgasm.

In women, chronic high blood sugar leads to frequent vaginal yeast infections and urinary tract infections. Neuropathy makes bladder control more difficult.

High blood sugar negatively effects mood, energy level, and, hence- interest in sex.

Diets high in sugar also cause fatigue, making active sex seem draining. High levels of carbos and sex just don’t mix.

High blood pressure has negative effects on sexual functioning, and so do some of the medicines used to treat it.



Your doctor may be able to change your prescription to a blood pressure drug that is less likely to cause sexual side effects.

Lifestyle changes such as increased exercise, less sugar and sodium in your diet, and eating more veggies can help to lower blood pressure. The low carb diet naturally protects sexual health.

Once your body’s blood sugar is stable, your sexual function will improve. If you eat certain low carb foods, your sex drive will also improve.

Everyone is different, and gender and age play a role in how quickly functioning improves.


Sex and carbohydrates apple with cut out heart shape.


Dieting impacts both physical health and relationships.

Sex with a caring partner helps us feel more connected and more supported. Having a solid support connection is essential to succeed on your diet.

Sex is a form of relaxation, a pain reliever and a sleep aid. It can be a source of physical pleasure, even for people whose bodies more frequently frustrate them.

Having a satisfying sex life raises your quality of life and serves as an excellent motivator of self-care. Improving your sex life while you’re improving yourself is life-changing.

Becoming more in tune with your body, your partner, your desires and needs- it all adds up to self-love, self-care, and happier, more fulfilling experiences.


Using Low Carb to Improve Sex

There’s a lot you can do to improve your sex life, whether you are able to actually change your physical functioning or simply learn new ways to enjoy what you have.


Watch what you eat.

Psychologist Steven Phillipson says, “When high blood sugar decreases sexual interest, closely monitor your diet for a few days.

Libido will return as blood sugar is brought down to a normal level.”


Gauge your energy level.

If you or your partner is too tired, sex won’t be very good. Drink a cup of buttered keto coffee before indulging in the other grind.

Schedule sex for mornings or when you’re likely to have the most energy.


Get in the mood.

Most people can’t go directly from work, housework, or taking care of others directly to sexual activity.

You may need to take some time to relax or talk, dress up, go somewhere special, try an unexpected or exotic low carb fruit or vegetable for dinner, watch a sexy video or anything to get in the mood.


Try something new in the bedroom.

Something other than intercourse. If intercourse isn’t possible or pleasurable, find ways of enjoying your body that do give pleasure.

Most women and men have pleasures zones they have never explored or are still unaware of.


Talk to your partner.

Tell your partner what you like and what you don’t like. Having a good relationship is the best way to have good sex.

Intimacy involves sexual feelings and actions, but also loving feelings, cuddling, holding hands, honesty, commitment, and acceptance.


Listen to your partner’s concerns.

Many couples find that talking about their changing body and sexual issues is a good place to start and opens the door to better communication in all areas of their relationship.


Sex and low carbohydrates heart shaped potato.

The Bottom Line

What does it all come down to? Low carb and sex is a potent mix, boosting satisfaction and performance.

Eating a low carb diet amplifies your sex drive, enhances your performance and naturally protects against sexual dysfunction.

A healthy balance of carbohydrates and sex restores and improves life, whether or not you have a partner, no matter what physical or emotional challenges dieting throws your way.

Besides, isn’t feeling better and looking healthier the most natural aphrodisiac of all?


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Keto and Your Libido

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