Low Carb and 250 Beer Compare Chart

Curious about low carb beer or craving beer on Atkins? Don’t terrorize yourself with another horribly light low carb beer.

  • 27 low carb beers and taste-test
  • Massive 250 beer list compares them all
  • Printable low carb beer list


You’re low carb and you love beer. If you’re new to low carb and worried about adding alcohol to your diet, most light beers are safe.

The taste of lighter low carb beers has come a long way.


Compare ingredients and carbs in beer. Hops, barley and malt in beer glasses.


There are many better tasting beer options out there – without the carbs. Let’s crank up the flavor and learn where to find them.

Low carb beers are light in color and light in the flavor department. Do everything possible to bring out as much of the beer’s flavor as you can.


Flavor Boosters for Beer

  • Avoid drinking beer from cans. It tastes much better from a glass.
  • Beer should be served right from the fridge. Store a few mugs in the freezer so you can serve your beer in a frosted glass.
  • Store bottles and cans away from direct sunlight so they do not get “skunked.” Did you know exposure to light can skunk a beer in under a minute?


Easy-to-Find Low Carb Beer for Atkins

Serving Size: 12 oz


(3.7 carbs)  Michelob Ultra Amber

  • Popular with low carbers: easy to find, tastes great.


(5 carbs)  Amstel Light

  • Good body and flavor, and it’s not watery.


(12 carbs)  Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade

  • Zesty substitute for a high carb sweet cocktail.
  • Higher carb – leave a few sips.


Inside a fridge, compare the calories and carbs side by side.

Low Carb Beer Comparison Chart

This 27 low carb beer list also includes malt beverages for low carbers who prefer something light, bubbly and sweet.

The low carb beer list is a work in progress beer list – I have a few left to try. Please leave a comment if you know the missing info.

NOTE: Beer makers are constantly fine tuning their formulas and tweaking the nutritional values. The numbers on the comparison chart below may be slightly different in your state.

Many low carb beers list their nutritional info on the package, so always go with what the label says for the final word.


Low Carb Beer List and Taste Test

This beer list will give you a good idea of carb ranges.

Beer Carbs Calories Alcohol
Amount Taste
Accel 2.4 g 89 4.00% 12 oz fresh
Amstel Light 5 g 95 3.50% 12 oz flavorful
Aspen Edge 2.6 g 94 4.13% 12 oz smooth
Bud Light 6.6 g 110 4.20% 12 oz OK
Bud Select 3.1 g 99 4.30% 12 oz average
Busch Light 6.7 g 110 4.20% 12 oz OK
Coastal Light 3.9 g 95 3.60% 12 oz ?
Coors Light 5 g 102 4.20% 12 oz watery
Corona Light 5 g 105 4.50% 12 oz nice flavor
Edison Light 6.5 g 109 4.00% 12 oz ?
Heineken Light 6.8 g 99 3.50% 12 oz  OK
I.C. Light 2.9 g 96 4.20% 12 oz ?
Keystone Light 5 g 104 4.20% 12 oz smooth
Labatt Sterling 2.5 g 153 5.00% 12 oz ?
Michelob Ultra 2.6 g 95 4.20% 12 oz watery
Michelob Ultra Amber 3.7 g 114 5.00% 12 oz nice flavor
MGD Light 2.4 g 64 2.80% 12 oz mild and light
Mike’s Light Lemonade 12 g 84 4.00% 11.2 oz sweet
Miller Lite 3.2 g 96 4.50% 12 oz watery
Milwaukee’s Best Light 3.5 g 98 4.50% 12 oz bitter
Natural Light 3.2 g 95 4.20% 12 oz smooth
Rhinebecker Extra 2.5 g 106 5.00% 11.2 oz metallic
Rock Green Light 2.6 g 92 3.60% 12 oz fresh
San Mig 3.2 g 107 5.00% 12 oz ?
Sapporo Light 8.5 g 119 4.00% 12 oz ?
Sleeman Clear 2.5 g 90 4.00% 12 oz fresh
Thin Ice 1 g 90 4.20% 12 oz watery


Low carb beer lists are helpful, but be sure to check the labels for the latest nutritional values.

Drinking beer on Atkins is finally possible. And with 27+ low carb beers available your options are multiplying.


How Low Carb is Your Beer?

Here’s a huge list of the alcohol content, calories and carbohydrates in over 250 beers, organized from A to Z. Calories and carbs are based on 12 ounce servings.

The information listed here comes from many sources and is a work in progress. Any help completing this beer list is greatly appreciated!

Grab the taste test and macros for 250 beers in the Low Carb Beer List eBook.



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