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Quick Low Carb on the Go

Despite careful planning, we all get stuck and can’t eat low carb. Don’t give up – there are options on every corner.

  • Best choices and second best choices
  • Turn your situation into an advantage
  • What to do when there are no choices
  • Rescue plan



Your best choice is ‘almost low carb’ food. There are many places to find foods slightly higher in carbs. Your choices won’t be ideal. Just do the best you can.

Find a low carb meal in a vending machine (yikes!). Visit burger and world cuisine restaurants. Grab a smoothie or other full-fat dairy source.



A small package of nuts is a better high fat and protein snack. Some machines have healthier choices, but the labels aren’t visible.

Most of the choices here are ‘pretend healthy’ like energy bars.



You may have to settle for meat that’s been cooked in seed oils, such as a fast food burger without a bun.


World Cuisine

Many low carbers don’t have immediate reactions to legumes (beans) and safe starches (slower-absorbing carbs).

Opt for a Mexican dish based on meat and beans, or an Indian curry with lentils.



If you are eating dairy, you can also try full fat yogurt, cottage cheese or string cheese. Make a latte using coffee and heavy whipping cream.



A high protein smoothie is not low carb, but a very small one with a handful of mixed nuts can carry you for a few hours.

Add an extra scoop of protein powder if it’s available. Check the nutrition facts for the protein – not all are low carb.


Your Next Best Low Carb Choice

Can’t find anything ‘almost’ low carb? Your second choice is trying to avoid gluten and/or added sugar.

It’s easy to find at least one dish based on potatoes or rice instead of wheat.

In this undesirable situation, accept that you must eat something you usually avoid.


keto snack chocolate mousse

Turn a Bad Situation Around

Cheat on Your Low Carb Diet

Don’t spend the entire meal beating yourself up for cheating. The important part is to get back to eating low carb as soon as possible.

Did you know that taking advantage of this mishap and labeling it a low carb cheat day can help you lose weight?

It’s true.

As long as you don’t overdo it, a slight change in your carb intake can stimulate your metabolism. This type of stimulation can help you stop a diet stall or even bust a persistent plateau.


Confess Your Cheat

Telling all is a great way to lighten and cleanse the mind. We can take responsibility, learn from our mistake and MOVE ON.

Once we lighten the load, we often realize it’s not necessarily what we did, rather what we plan to do from now on.


Have an IF Fantasy

I don’t mean a “What if” fantasy here. I’m referring to intermittent fasting (or IF), a special (healthy) fat-loss technique where eating is paused for several hours.

With the power of positive thinking, you can turn a bad situation into a quick, metabolism-boosting, stored fat-burning opportunity.

A “Surprise!” intermittent fasting session is a great option for shorter trips.

This psychological trick helps you feel better about going without food, and the benefits of IF will help curb your hunger.

Mind over matter is a powerful thing, right?


IF Tips

During this time, enjoy Splenda or stevia sweetened tea, drinks or flavored water.

Concentrate on the health benefits and cleansing effect of fasting.


Solve the Problem for Good

Emergency Rescue

The permanent solution is easy: pack low carb foods in your car or bag.

Stash them in your desk drawer.

…and the next time you find yourself in a tough spot, just raid your secret low carb stash!


Emergency Low Carb Stash Checklist

  • Jerky
  • Mixed nuts or low carb trail mix
  • Nut butter packets
  • Low carb meal replacement bar
  • Flavor packets to add to water (Splenda sweetened)
  • Single serving tea/coffee (for a temporary energy boost)

The key to success is preparation.

When you’re dealing with low carb outside the home, a little planning ahead will save a lot of hunger down the road.


Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan

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Quick Low Carb on the Go

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Keep Calm and Low Carb

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