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Explaining Low Carb

Sometimes, conversations about food are frustrating. Being someone’s house guest when you’re low carb is slightly complicated.

A few common phrases of protest:

  • ” But this is whole grain bread – it’s healthy. “
  • ” That’s too much bacon. “
  • ” You’re putting butter in your coffee?


Explaining Low Carb

What Do I Say About My Diet?

The key to success is mutual respect. You want your host to respect your diet, but you also have to respect theirs.

Here’s a simple way to talk about your low carb diet, and which situations to absolutely avoid.

Meals are often the focal point of an event. Food is very personal to many people. Some hosts may feel rejected or insulted if you refuse their cooking.


Prevent This Situation

Even if you say, “Dinner looks enticing and delicious, but I don’t eat (sugary food).” Sometimes your host hears, “Your food isn’t good enough for me.”

This is especially true if you’re staying with relatives or very close friends. Inevitably, you’ll have to defend an endless stream of questions about your low carb diet.

What can you do to prevent this from happening in the first place?



What to Say About Low Carb

Once you know the angle, explaining low carb to friends and family is easier than you think. Before you leave home, discuss the basic guidelines of your diet with your host or hostess.

Providing your host with a few carefully placed bits of low carb information beforehand will allow you to enjoy your visit, avoiding any food battles along the way.


  • Explain in simple terms what you do and don’t eat.
  • Be calm. Do not be judgmental while providing the basic info.
  • Present your low carb diet as a personal choice.
  • Highlight what you are gaining from your diet, instead of what you’ve quit eating.



When you talk to friends and family about choosing a low carb diet, focus on reasons such as:

“Cutting out sugar helps me feel better.” or “Low carb gives me more energy.”

If you really want some intellectual ammo, get scientific and share the incredible benefits of ketosis with them.

Or tell them how starting a low carb diet changes your life.


Whole grain slice of bread with a heart shape removed from the center.

Have Patience with Your Host

Many people are not familiar with the nuances of low carb diet foods.

Is this the right time to bombard them with the evil toxicity of sugar, or the rise in type two diabetes?

If not, keep your explanations short and simple.


Lead by Example

Offer to pitch in for groceries and help with the cooking.

Share a tasty low carb recipe the entire family will be sure to enjoy. Some popular favorites are:

  • Cream-based chicken/vegetable soups
  • Meatloaf (low carb tomato sauce, minced mushrooms as a breadcrumb substitute)
  • Crust-less breakfast Quiche
  • Stuffed sweet bell peppers


Low carb alternative meal for friends and family: Halved sweet peppers, stuffed with ground beef and vegetable mixture, topped with a drizzle of sour cream and chives.

Stuffed Peppers

For an easy, low carb alternative meal sure to please your friends and family, try halved sweet peppers stuffed with a mixture of ground beef, vegetables and spices.

Top peppers with your favorite cheeses or a drizzle of sour cream and chives.

Cooking a few meals during your stay will save your host some work, and give you both time to talk and catch up.


Good Luck!

Introduce delicious low carb food alternatives and give your host the chance to ask questions before you arrive.

Your dinner conversations will finally revolve around something more interesting than your decision not to eat the deadly bread.


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Explaining Low Carb

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Keep Calm and Low Carb

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