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Low Carb Bento Lunchbox Design

Bento lunch boxes open up countless design ideas. But it’s important to make your Bento lunch box with low carb choices.

  • 18 Bento box design ideas to get you started
  • Free Kids Bento design eBook

Making the perfect low carb Bento box begins with great design and plenty of low carb options. Substitutions for grains and rice customize these boxes for your low carb diet.

Keep your family interested in healthy foods: Spend a family afternoon making fun shapes together, celebrate events with a unique Bento mini-meal, or surprise your child with an unexpected school lunch.


Low Carb Bento eBook

Great low carb Bento design starts with visual inspiration.

These highly unique and colorful Bento design ideas create the most elegant Bento lunch boxes.

Use low carb Bento substitutions for grains, bread and rice.

Not sure how? Low carb Bento fillers are simple to use.


Kids Low Carb Bento Design Ideas Photo eBook Cover

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Low Carb Bento Inspiration

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View a Video Slideshow of these Low Carb Bento Ideas


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Low Carb Bento Lunchbox Design

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