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Low Carb Fruit Pop Recipes

Do you crave that crisp, yet juicy texture and the way it makes your mouth water? You have 43 low carb fruit choices.

Yes – forty three.

  • How to eat fruit on your low carb diet
  • Printable low carb fruit recipes and eBook



One warning: Add fruit carefully. Mix up cool combinations with these easy low carb fruit recipes. This article shows you how and when to add fruit to your low carb diet successfully.

For low carb fruit recipes, use the lowest carb fruits on the list after Atkins Induction Phase 1. Add the lowest carb fruit slowly, during the early OWL phases.


Eating Fruit on Atkins Phases

Track your progress and check the Atkins Lowest Carb Fruit List for exact measurements and net carbs.

If you experience a diet stall or plateau, cut back or eliminate fruit temporarily. Try a few very low carb fruit recipes when you are closer to your goal weight.


How to Add Fruit on Low Carb

Low carb fruits are rich in fiber, and keep meals bright and colorful.

There are plenty of nutritious low carb fruit options – if you measure your servings carefully.


Low Carb Fruit Ideas

  • Berries, apples and peaches are very portable – great with coconut milk or coconut water in protein shakes.
  • Top protein-rich Greek yogurt with berries and raw almonds.
  • Garnish a spinach salad with thinly sliced strawberries or unexpected starfruit.
  • Try mango-pineapple confetti salsa on spicy roasted chicken.


low carb fruit kiwi pop recipe

Low Carb Fruit Recipes

These fun low carb fruit recipes are carb-versatile.

What’s that?

Simply adjust the ingredients and amount of fruit to create low, or super-low servings.

Click to view / print any recipe, or download the full set in an eBook below.


Low carb fruits popsicle recipe

Rainbow Lemon Fruit Freeze

(left)  No processed corn syrup, sugar or food coloring in these colorful low carb pops!

Instead, here’s a rainbow of low carb fruits held together with frosty, sugar-free homemade lemonade.

low carb rainbow lemon fruit freeze recipe card


Honeydew Berry Pops

(right)  Blueberries, raspberries and freshly pureed honeydew melon make an eye-popping, colorful treat.

Each mold only requires ¼ cup of filling, keeping these pops surprisingly low in carbs.

low carb honeydew berry pops recipe card


Layered Fruit Puree Cubes

Low carb fruits layered cubes recipe.

Bright layers of pureed low carb fruits flavor your drink as they melt. Perfect with tea, sugar-free lemonade, sparkling water or ‘adult’ beverages.

low carb layered fruit puree cubes recipe card

Try These Combinations:

  • Coffee mint cubes in iced coffee
  • Lemon or lime cubes in iced tea
  • Coconut milk cubes in Thai iced tea
  • Blood orange cubes in a rose spritzer
  • Lime and mint cubes in a sugar-free Mojito


Watermelon Squares

Low carb fruits watermelon recipe.

Juicy Rubik’s Cube

(left)  Cubes of watermelon, kiwi and fresh mozzarella are an unusual appetizer or dessert.

  • Try any combination of low carb fruits and cheeses.
  • Experiment with color and flavor combinations.

low carb fruity rubiks cube recipe card


Balsamic Watermelon Squares

(center and right)  Elegant summer appetizers: watermelon squares with balsamic glaze centers.

  • Refreshing and perfectly sized for counting carbs.

low carb balsamic watermelon squares recipe card



Low carb fruits salad recipe.

Patriotic Fruit Salad

(left)  Watermelon, blueberries and apples cut into star shapes fill this low carb fruit salad.

patriotic low carb fruit salad recipe card


Coconut Shell Kiwisicles

(right)  Vivid kiwi and pineapple slices float in translucent coconut water.

  • Dip frozen kiwisicles in a creamy low carb coconut glaze.

low carb coconut shell kiwisicles recipe card


Low Carb Fruit Recipes

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Low Carb Fruit Pop Recipes

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