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Weird Fruit and Veggie App

You’re in the produce section. You see something interesting but what does it taste like? Is it a fruit or veggie – man or machine?

  • Identifies any fruit or veggie
  • Instant carb counts
  • Fruit and veggie quiz
  • Try the free version



This low carb exotic fruits and vegetables app shakes up your plate with something unexpected. There’s really only one important question. “Can I eat it on my low carb diet?”

Find something delicious and new in less than a minute. Easily identify low carb fruits and veggies, occupy your kids with the fun veggie game and get delicious low carb recipes.


Tired of Typical Low Carb Fruits and Veggies?

The Exotic Fruits and Vegetables App is an ideal guide for your smartphone and tablet.

  • A comprehensive library full of facts, figures and HD images.
  • Find out how the fruit or vegetable tastes and how to cook it.


Bored in the Checkout Line?

Play an Exotic Veggies Game

  • Learn how to distinguish different species from each other using the app’s built-in quiz.

Keep Children Occupied

This simple app is easy enough for a child to discover and learn about international fruits and vegetables. What a great opportunity to talk about what people all over the world are eating.

  • Let your child choose the exotic fruit or vegetable, and you choose the low carb recipe.

Getting your family involved in trying something new (especially a healthy vegetable) has never been more fun!


Identify Fruits and Veggies, Plan Meals

Low carb diet Android app exotic fruits and vegetables screen shots.

Enter the features of any fruit or vegetable and you’ll get new ideas for dinner.

The more features you enter (such as fruit color, size, or habitat), the more refined your results.

Best App Features

  • Beautiful, eye-catching photography
  • Instant carb counts and recipes
  • Simple and intuitive navigation
  • Optimized for phones and tablets
  • Tested on both parents and kids
  • No Internet access required to use it


Identify the Fruit or Vegetable

  • Search by Appearance:  Color, size, leaf, flower, growth, etc.
  • Search by Type:  Berry, stone fruit, apple fruit, nut, etc.
  • Search for Nutrition Content:  Number of calories, protein, carbs, fat, etc.
  • Plan Your Exotic Low Carb Meal:  Recipe ideas for your new exotic fruit or veggie.


Take the Built-In Exotics Quiz

Exotic fruits and vegetables app: Close up screen shots of quiz.

  • Guess the exotic species from the photos.
  • Learn how to prepare the different species, and save your favorites.
  • Expand your knowledge and become an exotics expert.


Try it Free

The free version of Exotic Fruits and Vegetables includes 10 species.

This low carb app downloads in less than a minute from Google, so try it out: Get the free version of exotic fruits and vegetables.


  • Available in English and German
  • 6.9 MB
  • Minimum Operating System: Android 2.1
  • Downloads in less than 1 minute



Visit the Exotic Fruits and Vegetables App page.


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Weird Fruit and Veggie App

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