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Printable Fruit, Veggie, Berry List

This is the perfect Atkins approved low carb fruit and veggie list to print and take to the grocery. Carb counts are from the official Atkins Carb Counter.

  • Printable list of the lowest carb fruit and veggies
  • Eating fruit on Atkins Induction


Before You Indulge

Low carb fruits and berries are a special, sweet treat.

Be careful about eating too many fruits while on your diet. The extra carbs may ignite sweet cravings or cause a diet stall.



Be sure to choose a large variety of colorful low carb fruits and veggies. Eating a wide range means getting different essential vitamins and minerals.

On a low carb diet, most of your carbs should come from vegetables. Use low carb fruits sparingly. They are known to cause cravings in new low carbers.


Eating Fruit on Atkins Phases

During the first two weeks on Atkins Induction, only avocado and tomato fruits are allowed.

If you’re past Atkins Induction phase 1, check the 43 Low Carb Fruits guide for your lowest carb options (1 to 10 net carbs per serving).


Fruit and Veggie Techniques, Recipes

Choose the right low carb fruit and veggies, then learn how to guess carbs without a list.

Want to cut your low carb kitchen prep time in half? These kitchen to table veggie prep secrets are super simple.

These 7 versatile low carb fruit recipes are adjustable, letting you control the net carbs for every phase.


Printable Fruit & Veggie List

The fiber carb grams are subtracted, so the numbers you see on the list are expressed as net carbs per serving.

Click the list to view, print or save.

Low Carb Fruit and Vegetable Atkins List to Print


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Printable Fruit, Veggie, Berry List

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Keep Calm and Low Carb

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