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Keto Choices for World Cuisine

Make smarter low carb choices right away. Here are some quick tips for eating low carb foods at Asian, Italian, Mexican, Indian and fast food restaurants.

  • Quick, easy keto menu choices
  • The pros and cons of restaurant food
  • Printable guide: 25 restaurants, 354 items, 14 carbs or less



Learn the best (and easiest) low carb choices at popular restaurants, and how to order when you get there. The pros and cons are more flexible than you think.

But what if you’re going to dinner in a more formal setting? Our low carb restaurant and dining out plan helps you think outside the box.


Low Carb Asian

The Pros

  • Menu is abundant with vegetables and fresh ingredients.


The Cons

  • Rice and noodles make most Asian dishes high in carbs.
  • Hidden carbs in sauces, which often contain cornstarch.


How To Order

Skip the rice, noodles, fried noodles, wonton, breading and most of the sauces.

Soups: Order hot and sour, egg drop or chicken broth with scallions.

Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls, Mu Shu: Eat only the inside – no wrappers.

Steamed foods without sauces: Use a side order of chicken broth or egg drop soup as a sauce.

Stir-fried dishes: Order without sugar or starch.

Asian Barbecue: Choose your own meats/veggies, but order without sauce.


Authentic Italian Antipasto

Low Carb Italian

The Pros

  • Wide choice of meats, vegetables and seafood.
  • Variety of meal preparations: grilled, sautéed, broiled.


The Cons

  • Menu is heavy with pasta and side starches.
  • Heavy cream sauces (although low in carbs) are high fat and high calorie.


How To Order

Salads: Choose dark field greens, olive oil, Parmesan cheese and crushed garlic.

Antipasti: Try a variety of meats, cheeses, marinated veggies and olives.

Soups: Order chicken broth with spinach, simple vegetable soup, Italian wedding soup without pasta and Italian egg drop soup.

Seafood, Chicken, Veal, Steaks: Order with sauce on the side, adding just a touch for flavor.

Pizza: You may enjoy most toppings— cheese, peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach or broccoli. Avoid the crust.


MCT Mexican Ground Beef & Sour Cream

Low Carb Mexican

The Pros

  • Menu is abundant with chicken, beans (slow carbs), vegetables and fresh ingredients.


The Cons

  • Most dishes are high in carbs, containing rice, beans, corn, tortillas or breads.
  • Hidden carbs are in rich tomato-based sauces.


How To Order

Salad: Order any salad without the tortilla shell.

Guacamole and Cucumber Slices: Avocado is heart-healthy.

Grilled Seafood, Chicken, Steak and Vegetables: Enjoy with any light salsa.

Machaca: A low carb traditional breakfast of beef, eggs and fresh vegetables.

Fajitas: Order shrimp, chicken or steak with guacamole, cheese, salsa, sour cream, tomato, lettuce and onion. Order without the soft tortilla shells.



Low Carb Indian

Really love Indian? See our complete guide to Low Carb Indian Food for all phases of Atkins, recipes, and a free eBook of over 100 low carb Indian foods.


The Pros

  • Indian cuisines are healthy, complex and contain multiple ingredients.


The Cons

  • Many Indian meals and sauces contain high carb ingredients such as flour and sugar.


How To Order

Choose healthy kebabs, meat based curries and tandoori.

Ask about the ingredients in any dish you’re not familiar with.

Try Raita (yogurt and minced cucumbers) to soften the heat of curries.


Low Carb Indian Substitutions

(From Dr. Atkins’ Dining Out, Indian Style.)

Instead of vegetable samosas, which are pastries, try Shahi Paneer, a homemade cheese in a creamy curried tomato sauce.

Substitute roasted eggplant with onions and spices for any of the fritters, called pakora.

Instead of the typical lentil or Mulligatawny soup, order a bowl of chicken Shorba, made with chicken, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cumin and other spices.

A vindaloo almost always contains potatoes. Get a tandoori dish instead.

Enjoy a korma, which is meat in a cream sauce, as a replacement for any biryani, which is a rice dish.

Substitute any curried meat dish for any of the dals.

Order meat or shrimp kebabs rather than a saag dish, which is prepared with spinach and spices, but heavily thickened with flour or another starch.


Low carbohydrate restaurant fast food plan. Toys from fast food restaurants.

Low Carb Fast Food

The Pros:

  • Fast, cheap and easy.


The Cons:

  • Limited (and often boring) options.


How To Order:

  • Grilled Chicken or Burger without the bun: Top with bacon, mushrooms, onion, cheese, pickles, lettuce and tomato.
  • Salads: Add chicken or a small amount of nuts, steak, cheese and/or eggs, low-fat Ranch, Blue Cheese or Vinaigrette dressing.
  • Egg McMuffin without the muffin: Order breakfast egg sandwiches without the bread.
  • Hoagie, Sub, Sandwiches: Eat only the inside – chicken, ham, cheese, turkey, roast beef, lunch meats, lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar, etc. Be creative: add a bowl and turn it into a salad.


Best Low Carb Restaurant Choices

Low Carb Restaurant Fast Foods Guide Inside View- free download.

25 Restaurants, 354 Menu Items with 14 Carbs or Less

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Keto Choices for World Cuisine

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