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Easy Induction Meal Plan

Simplify your first two weeks. Make your plate low carb and Induction-approved in minutes. What can you eat on Induction?

  • Real-life Induction meal plan
  • Atkins Induction recipe forum
  • Printable Atkins meal plans for 20 or 40 net carbs/day



How much fat, protein and carbs are in each meal? Most of your meal’s calories come from healthy fats – around 60%.

One third of calories come from protein and less than 10% from carbs.

Atkins Induction limits net carbs to 20 grams or less per day. “Net carbs” are total carbs minus the fiber carb grams.

(Fiber carbs don’t spike blood sugar or influence insulin in negative ways, so they’re not included in the 20 net carb limit.)


Your New Atkins Plate

Let’s break down a typical, low carb Atkins Induction meal. Include a large amount of healthy fat, a moderate amount of your favorite protein and a handful of carbs (for fun).

Foods to eat on Atkins Induction.

Start with chicken (or other protein) cooked with spices in butter or olive oil. Add diced sweet peppers, celery and shaved red onion to an avocado-spinach salad.

This is a great start, but let’s add more healthy fats.

  • Go heavy on the full fat salad dressing.
  • Top your protein with a rich garlic butter, cream or cheese sauce.
  • One word: Bacon.


easy atkins induction meal

Official Induction Meal Plan

The Atkins Diet program offers a free, simple resource for planning your first week of Induction meals.

Using the official Induction meal plan is not a requirement for great results, but it does have easy, inexpensive ideas.



Induction Meal Obstacles

The most difficult part of making an Induction meal plan involves the healthy fats. Accustomed to high carb low fat diets, we are programed to go light on fat.

And that advice is correct – if your diet is high in sugary carbs.

Excess sugary carbs raise insulin levels and signal fat storage. Low carb is low sugar. The fat we eat is used for energy – it’s not stored.

It’s time to eat all the healthy fat you want.


atkins induction steak meal plan

Portions for Induction Meals

Induction Meals: Adding Fats and Oils

Aim for 60-65% of total calories from healthy fat and oils. Adequate fat content is vital to the success of your low carb diet.

Dr. Atkins advises eating a balance of natural fats (with a concentration on olive or coconut oil) and avoiding trans fats.

If possible, add the healthiest high fat foods to your Induction meal plan.


Choosing Induction Meal Protein

Aim for 20-30% of total calories from protein sources. Most protein, such as meat, seafood and eggs are zero carb or very close to it.


Induction Meal Veggies

Aim for 5-10% of total calories from carbs in the form of dark leafy green or brightly colored, low sugar veggies.

During Atkins Induction, 12-15 grams per day of net carbs (total carbs minus the fiber) should come from veggies.


Special Induction Meal Ingredients

Small amounts of these foods may be added to your Induction meals:

  • 2-3 tbs lemon or lime juice
  • 2-3 tbs heavy¬† cream or 1 oz sour cream
  • Sugar Substitutes: 2-3 serving limit
  • 10-20 green or black olives


Jillian’s Atkins Induction Meal Plan

What are two weeks of meals on Atkins Induction like for everyday low carbers? Jillian (designer and low carb blogger) documents her Induction meal plan.

Real life Atkins Induction meals and food diary.

Read Jillian’s 14 Day Induction meal journal, with meal photos (above) and an Atkins Induction-approved Mock Danish how-to video if you’re craving something sweet.


Recipes for Atkins Induction Meals

There’s an excellent low carb forum from A Pinch of Health where Atkins Induction approved recipes are posted daily.

This forum is a must for new Induction meal ideas. There are over 120 Induction friendly low carb recipes listed. More are added every day.

Categories include beef, veal, poultry, pork, lamb, soups, veggies, eggs, baked foods, desserts and sweets.


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Easy Induction Meal Plan

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