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Excuses that Sabotage Your Diet

If you’re starting low carb or starting Atkins again, success blockers are serious business. Without prep, your hard work won’t survive. Here’s how to go the distance.

  • Answer the tough questions
  • The 6 biggest excuses we use
  • How to defeat your success blockers



Ask Yourself

There are a few simple, but very important questions to ask yourself before starting a low carb diet.

If you’re starting Atkins again, the questions are a little more serious.


Prepare Yourself

Starting a low carb diet includes challenging life decisions, but a small amount of prep makes all the difference. It’s time to answer some hard questions and find a solution that fits.

If you’re starting Atkins again, follow these tips and make the big excuses a thing of your past.


Starting Atkins for the First Time

Your starting goals for Atkins are to master the basics and limit net carbs.

  • Do I understand the general ideas behind low carb diets?
  • Will starting low carb limit too many food choices?
  • Do I enjoy eating foods on the low carb lists?


Starting Atkins Again

When starting Atkins a second time, success depends on your ability to commit – and continue it throughout your life.

Your goal the next time around is to do it in a fun and interesting way.

  • Am I ready to change other parts of my life too?
  • Is this a program I can realistically follow?


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Our Biggest Low Carb Excuses

These sneaky excuses creep around, waiting for us to fall back into bad eating habits. Sticking with low carb is simple when you know how to defeat the obstacles.


I’ll Miss My Favorite Foods

Can you give up most corn products, potatoes or bread? Can you picture yourself living without pasta, rice or candy?


Defeat It

  • Take advantage of your new lifestyle. Look through a low carb cookbook for new meal ideas. There are millions of free low carb recipes online.


It’s Tempting to Cheat

When old favorites aren’t an option, the temptation to cheat appears.

Holiday or birthday dinners are hotbeds for cheating. What if you accidentally slip and cheat?


Defeat It

  • If you cheat, don’t let it ruin your long-term goals.
  • Spend your cheat day eating something you really want. Savor every bite.


Shopping is Difficult

Starting low carb means scrutinizing everything you buy for carbs – especially hidden carbs. Are you ready to check every label?


Defeat It

  • After starting Atkins, grocery shopping is faster. You only need one trip around the perimeter of the store: produce, meat and dairy.
  • Online stores have delicious low carb and gluten-free substitutes for old favorites such as bread, pancakes, biscuits, pita and pasta.


I Can’t Order Low Carb in Restaurants

You’re in a restaurant. “I’ll have this meat, but veggies from this other entrée … hold the sauce … and I need to change the side dishes.

Do you have real butter?”


Defeat It

  • Look at the menu before you go.
  • Speak politely to the restaurant staff when you arrive.


Friends and Family Don’t Get It

Most Americans get the bulk of their calories from carbs. They don’t realize bread and pasta are high in sugar.

Friends and family don’t always share our new-found eating philosophy. Many choose to focus on the foods we’ve ‘given up.’


Defeat It

  • Plan ahead and take time to explain the reasons you’re starting a low carb diet.
  • Concentrate on the health benefits and share your low carb story in a positive way.
  • Plan a low carb dinner or snack that everyone will enjoy.


My Kids Won’t Eat Low Carb

Do you have the willpower to watch your kids (or your date) eat a huge plate of pasta? How about chocolate chip cookies or potato chips?

Are you ready for your kids to give up ice cream at the park or beach? Kids are flexible, but a complete change in diet is a big deal.


Defeat It

  • Focus on the positive and lead by example. Most of us discover low carb as adults. Kids of low carbers enjoy all the benefits of whole foods without waiting years to get there.


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Excuses that Sabotage Your Diet

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